Friday, October 21, 2011

a little crazy

My husband just came in to tell me the gardner wants to talk to the art director.

I laughed.

He meant me.

You see we're taking our family pictures here tomorrow and

for the last week I've asked him to please not blow away the falling leaves.

I like them there.  And honestly we don't really have enough here yet so I've needed to let them gather.

This all means he can't mow the lawn.

And he thinks I'm a bit crazy leaving the messy leaves.

But I like the mess.

I like how it looks natural, not manicured.

And I'm ok if they think I'm a little crazy.

I probably am.

I'm just excited to work with a dear friend

setting the stage to hopefully capture some fun shots

of our family right where we are, right now.


Oh and for my notable quotable friday.

It happened.

I've hit that 'don't embarrass me mom' phase with my 9 1/2 year old son.

Even the fact that I just wrote that will probably embarrass him.

He begs me often, please don't put that on your blog, which is why I don't write about him as much as the girls.  They on the other hand will say take a picture for your blog.  It's funny the technology they're growing up knowing about.

The big kids are having a high tea at their school today.  And my son said, "No offense mom, but I kind of don't need you to come."  And when I said well I already am because Ava is at your school too.  And so he asked me to please not embarrass him.

Oh sigh.

Do you remember how you felt like your parents could embarrass you.

I told my friend about our conversation last night.  My friend who has known me since first grade.

I said, "Doesn't he know he has a cool mom?"

To which she replied, "But your mom thought she was cool too I'm sure."

Oh sigh again.

I appreciate that he felt comfortable enough to politely tell me this.

But it won't stop me from being me.

It won't stop me from being active in his life.

I think I know what it is.

I talk to his teacher too much.  And he's afraid I'll share things that will embarrass him.

So I'll respect that and respect his sense of needing to have some privacy.

But I won't stop being there for these moments.

And I won't stop documenting them.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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