Sunday, October 23, 2011

morning quiet time

I like to do things on the weekend 
that make me feel like I'm on vacation, 
right here at home.
Quiet time outside.
And sunny side up eggs.
I sort of may have hinted to my son 
that it would make this moment perfect.
And lo and behold as I was dreaming,
Daddy made them and he brought them up.
My favorite, with basil and salt on top.
I'm so convicted about how we have to create the beautiful
quiet moments in our lives.
We have to take time to be still in the midst of the chaos.
We have to treasure these simple things.
It quiets my soul.
And causes me to appreciate what I have right now,
right here, right in front of me.
I really love the book of Isaiah and have been drawn to so many parts of it lately.
Isaiah 32 jumped out to me this morning. 
But especially these verses.

"The fruit of righteousness will be peace.
The effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.
My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, 
in secure homes, 
in undisturbed places of rest."
Isaiah 32:16-18

We can rest in knowing we will have this forever peace 
in a secure home with Him in Heaven.

But The Lord wants for us to have this rest now, here, with the presence of His Holy Spirit.
And what an honor it is to take the time, with His help,
to create a place of peace, of rest, of secure homes
for our families.

May you and your family be blessed with peace today and through the week.
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HopeUnbroken said...

great list, beautiful blog!

A Diamond in the Rough said...

Rest and stillness- the place of seeing and hearing God. Thanks for this reminder and thanks for sharing that passage from Isaiah. I stopped by from Ann's and I just love your sweet blog.

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