Tuesday, October 25, 2011

playing with actions

While I was setting things up for our family pictures my husband took a few pictures of our kids.
I decided to play a little with some new actions from paint the moon.
These things make me happy.
My husband will walk in and say he likes the original best.
He's not quite as into that dreamy thing.
But I am.
It's just plain fun to play
and create in this way.
I have a LOT to learn.
But I love seeing how different effects create such a different feeling from the same photo.
My goodness, I can see the young woman in her already.

 That little butterfly clip lasted all of two seconds.
There are pictures of her looking straight ahead, but there was something about this one I liked best.
And this old polaroid.  It was my husband's parents.
How cool is it?

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Raeanne said...

Hey Jackie,
I recently got Photoshop and I"m clueless how to use it - any tips on how to get started?

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