Sunday, October 2, 2011

weekend highlights

Our weekend highlights...

A baseball game
where this guy hit a home run.
It's my husband's first time being the head coach.
And my girls love playing around on the field.

I just have to share that they're on a mission for a new pet.  
The obsession has turned to a hamster.

The condition for a hamster is a year of responsibility

from our nine year old son.

This is a year away mind you.

But we've visited the pet shop to look at them,
and to see the fun accessories.

When my son gets something in his head, he is focused 100%.

He's watching you tube videos on how to train them.
And reading books about taking care of them.

And this morning they spent a good long while

building this hamster maze.
We're talking focus people.

And you better believe that I'm using this to my advantage.

The key word around our house is .... Responsibility.

All the little things mommy is always reminding about.

That I'm always wishing would become an ingrained habit.

Let me tell you, he's already doing them without asking.

Now, we'll see if it sticks. 

And if it does, he will indeed earn a pet hamster.

But believe me, he is going to earn it.

And the first weekend of October wouldn't have been complete
without a stop at our local pumpkin patch.  I've mentioned before I LOVE this time of year.  LOVE it.  Everything about it and especially pumpkin patches.  They have come here since they were all babies. 
They're barely set up, not yet really ready for customers.

But the kids still had fun running around and checking 
everything out.
Now it's time to gear up for the school week and get to bed good and early.

And this little lady I suspect will have a lost tooth before the week is up.
Someone please tell them to stop growing up!

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