Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend highlights

This weekend....

I had some much needed time

with a friend to go through old memories.

Working on a fall album through the years.

Have I mentioned I like to scrapbook.

It's a hobby that too often I never manage to complete.
We finally got our Halloween decorations out

And my son created his own.
There were two baseball games,

a night out to dinner and some football in the front yard.
Church of course, with an awesome message at

an early morning service filled to the brim with

many, many young people.  Amazing.

And two birthday parties for this little lady.
It was a full, full weekend.

And now we're off to an exciting week.

Today I get to chaperone my son's field trip

to the Getty Villa in Malibu.

I haven't been there in years.

I went there in the 7th grade on a field trip myself.

And I fell in love.

Fell in love with the architecture, the artifacts, the beauty of it all.

I'm looking forward to sharing pictures soon!

216. pretty party decorations
217. sweet friends
218. patient girls
219. knowing what my daughter needs
220. a husband who is a great coach
221. seeing the boys light up from his encouragement
222. a winning game
223. a cool breeze
224. sitting outside for dinner
225. fall light
226. figuring hard things out
227. field trips
228. playing with a new lens
229. peeling away the layers
230. finding beauty
231. acceptance

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