Monday, October 31, 2011

making me happy

these little sketches my 6-year-old daughter sat there turning out
through tears.  She was upset and couldn't stop crying.
But to calm herself she sat and looked as though she was scribbling,
but these cute little creatures appeared.

I just had to include this tea... it's making me happy on this Monday afternoon.

And this scene.

Today the kids have no school because their campus is being used for a festival.

After drawing, swinging, playing they were at a loss and were asking what they should do.
I love that they came up with a solution all their own.

And finally, a visit from our crazy "Uncle Peter".
He is a friend of my husband's from college.  And I do believe he's still as crazy as he was then.  The kids love him and so did our sweet four legged bella when she was with us.  Today they started spying on him which led to chasing, which led to capturing, which led to escape.  It was perfect timing as I try to get us ready to head out for the night.
Happy Halloween everyone!

245. little drawings
246. a day off from school
247. getting prepared
248. a new phone with features I can barely use
249. feeling calm even in storms
250. gluten free pumpkin muffin recipe
251. studying for bible study
252. getting ready for the fun factory
253. new designs for the etsy shop
254. the connection I feel with the Lord when creating
255. the therapy with art
256. plans for the holidays coming together
257. staying calm through screaming kids
258. the three of them finding things to do together

November marks my one year anniversary of opening the etsy shop.  Keep coming back through the month for special giveaways and sales.  Planning to get prints for the holidays, this month there are savings if you buy more than one.

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Angela Fitch said...

Sweet blog! I am dropping by from A Holy Experience and now following you with GFC,have a great week. Angela

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