Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter... Monday Morning

Can we just hold onto the feeling that was yesterday. 

Do you see this picture above.  This was the Gibson Amphitheater yesterday.
A before and after.  And how amazing the after is... how amazing to worship and praise our Risen King all together.  

Our church, Reality LA took a leap of faith and rented this venue at Universal City Walk
in order to have our whole church all together, one service, with invitations to friends and family.

Here was our vantage point.
They've never done this before.

Just last Thursday, one of the pastors, whose son was playing on my son's baseball team
told me, "We have no idea what to expect."  

They did no advertising.  It was just word of mouth from the church.
They did that intentionally he said, so that those people who were brought for the first time,
so there would be real connections to build community and to stay connected
beyond Easter Sunday.

They had baptisms afterwards.  I look forward to hearing how it went.
This was my little crew as we headed back to the car to get our food for a brunch and egg hunt at a friend's house.
But first, these are my bed head kiddos opening their Easter baskets from mom and dad and doing a little egg hunt in the morning.
this is one of those head also a gift mommy can use. ;)

Lush had the cutest bath bubbles for kids shaped like carrots.  And I found a little Japanese store at the mall that had the CUTEST little gifts, like sandwich and hardboiled eggs molds
I couldn't wait to test them out.  So they're kind of more of a mommy gift too.

daddy helping out
Now, for the more fancy egg hunt in their Sunday best. ;)

 The day wouldn't have been complete without daddy giving them a few spins in the wagon train.
They're begging for one...but I think they're heading towards being too big.
Which reminds me, in church I held my littlest for awhile during the praise and worship so she could see.
And it dawned on me, by next year I probably won't be able to do this anymore.  SIGH.
When did this happen.  My littles are becoming not so little.
And a family photo op.
This is what it usually takes to try to get a decent one with us.  Notice the water on my son's shoulder, his dad had just doused his whole back with water.  Shortly after a little retaliation took place.
Ah, now there we go.  Good enough.

Happy day after Easter everyone!

329. An amazing service
330. An amazing praise band
331. songs I love
332. a new routine beginning tomorrow
333. hope in knowing the Lord has a plan with that routine
334. last day of vacation
335. life giving shopping with my girls
336. creative drawings from my girls
337. friends to do life with
338. learning a new game
340. whipping up a dinner out of nothing 
and it actually tasting good.
341.  This Easter window art for all to see by my middle one


Kim said...

Great list! I love your dress! So beautiful! Wow! Your church is HUGE!!!

Kim said...

Okay, I am so slow...just realized it was at an amphitheater!

Jackie said...

Kim, I just replied to you by email, but realized I don't think it works that way. (which by the way I'm realizing I have been replying to lots of people this way and I think they might not be going through)... But here is what I wrote you. Sorry it's kind of long.
It's not really. It has only been around for six years I believe. the Lord led us there two years ago. It has grown a lot in the last year. A lot of young people in college and just out. But they are determined to not be a mega church. They rent a high school auditorium and don't plan to go somewhere where they can house a lot more people, they've said they'll just start a new church plant because they don't want to grow so big they can't keep in community and really disciple new people. That's why that turn out was so amazing and only God because they didn't advertise.

Brianne said...

Giving thanks with you too this Monday, celebrating! Love your Easter dress, by the way!!

Mama to AWE said...

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great start to something new.

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