Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Here's a little tidbit about me and the kitchen.
In case you're wondering what that blue shape on her forehead is,
we went to a place called giggles and hugs.
 It's supposed to be a dolphin, but looks more like a dog to me.  Either way she could care less.  
I totally and completely let my kids help
with the making of treats.
But when it comes to dinner, for some reason I shoo them out of the kitchen.

I think I need the space and I often times don't want them seeing
everything I'm putting into their food.  Because I know their reaction to
actually seeing it going in is that they'll think they won't like it.

So I hide it creatively.
And meanwhile I'm not involving them in the food prep.

Back when I was sick with pneumonia and my husband was out of the country
working.  I was really not doing well and so I enlisted my kids.  They all made
salads and my son actually finished cooking the turkey burgers for them.

They were oh so excited to be helping with dinner.

And I realized why don't I do this more! Really, it was one of those major DUH moments.
SO they've been helping more with things like asparagus soup.
And do you know, they're eating more of it because they had a part of

So there's a little picture me imperfectly confession.

Perhaps you're already on top of this and totally have your
kids in the kitchen at dinner time.
But for me it was an area where I realized I was majorly missing the mark.

And now they're asking, "What else can I do, What else can I do."

To the point where I'm not sure what else to have them do!

By the way...I wasn't good about taking the after pictures,

so the two recipes we made yesterday can be found
here.  This was a yummy pinterest find.  The kids & grown ups (even our neighbors) loved them.
and here, from my dear friend Kim's blog.  She has other yummy recipes on there too!
And just because, I wanted to share this little Easter display we have on a hutch in the kitchen nook.
The book, in case you don't know about it, is "Benjamin's Box."  It is a story that goes with the Resurrection eggs.  I like it a lot.  And everything else was made by my kids.
That plate, Jackson made in class using broken egg shells to create a mosaic.
And the grace garden, each one of them made one in Sunday school this past week.  I was so impressed by the work the teachers put into making that possible for each of them.


Chelsea said...

How fun! Looks like you've got some great helpers! And that Easter nook is so full of goodness.

hill said...

thank you dearly for linking up! I'm like you and dinner prep is hard for me already so it's even more difficult to enlist the kids' help but I love that you are making it work. So beautiful. Xoxo

Kim said...

I love the mantel! So beautiful! And I love how all the kids want to be in the kitchen helping you. Very sweet!

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