Wednesday, April 18, 2012

embracing ... a lot

I'm attempting to play with instagram
and actually put myself in the picture too.
I know I've mentioned this is ever so hard for me.
It really is.
So I'm pushing my boundaries here, being in the picture
and even sharing it with you.

I'd much rather show you this little lady
who has become my walking partner.

She actually changed into this outfit for walking, 
because every girl needs a nice cardigan and skirt
to exercise in right?  of course.

Tonight she came out after bath decked out as mommy.
I was dying.
I actually shot video, which eventually I take the time to put up on here.
This is her in a 'mom uniform'.
She has on my shoes, my hat,
a cell phone and some mama chia.
Dying I tell you.
Because her whole persona,
her walk, everything changed.
Do you ever wonder how your kids perceive you?
Well, tonight I found out.
And as she was describing me
she said, "Mommy looks like, like a princess."

At eight p.m., me still decked out in the workout wear I put on
at seven this morning with the intention of fitting it in at some point,
only it never worked out.  I was feeling far from a princess.

So as I'm tossing laundry in the machine I pause sort of shocked and say, 
"Really, you think Mommy looks like a princess."
And she said, "Yea" so matter of factly, "God's princess."
This might sound so cliche, I know.
But honestly that's her heart.
And that's how she sees me.
And that is a lesson that even in my un-worked out in sweats,
in my end of the day exhaustion from
what felt like an eternity on the road
battling traffic
and mishaps here and there
God still sees a princess! last little bit of an announcement.

I have a warrior boy.
So excited to introduce him to you.
Want a visual checklist for your son (or yourself) while you're in his room.
We MUST, MUST, MUST gear up every day.
Do you forget sometimes?
I know I do.
But now we have no excuse with this reminder.
He's in the shop now, and can be customized if you'd like.

And for more embracing the camera fun...head over here.


Kim said...

So sweet! Your girl looks just like you! What a compliment! God's princess!

Jessa said...

hilarious!!! you are all beautiful!

Emily Kate said...

I love the things kids say, so sweet. And you and your children are beauties!

anything but LoKEY said...

That is so sweet! Thank God for our kiddos and how He uses them to encourage us. He is so good! I love the warrior print. VERY cute! I, too, hesitate to put myself behind the camera! Way to go Mama!!!

Stepper the Mighty said...

hahahah! I love it!

Over visiting from ETC - and love this post. I can't wait until my daughter tries to dress up like mommy. I wonder how she'll walk?

Chelsea said...

What a sweet story! You are God's princess and your photos are so lovely. The Warrior Boy turned out so nice too!

Ruth Abel said...

Visiting from Emily's ETC today, and I love your sweet pictures with your little people! And what a huge compliment from your own little princess. :)

Heidi said...

instagram... I fell in love! PRECIOUS pictures!!

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