Monday, April 2, 2012

rite of passage

My not so little man is ten.
On April fools day, he's having a dream party.
Designed completely by him.
Oh.. the things that I'm getting used to having a boy.
An air soft war.  I really never thought I'd be allowing this.
But you know that whole 'wild at heart' philosophy.
Boys are driven to be warriors, knights, to fight for what is good.
And we need to foster this.  Well foster we did today.
And after their hard work, they got to soak their sore muscles,
followed by roasting marshmallows,
and singing happy birthday with an ice cream cake and candles that didn't blow out.
That was a little april fools surprise.
All while watching a movie and eating popcorn.
I think he's in ten year old heaven.

And do you know it's one of the easiest parties.
Because I'm not organizing anything.
They're just hanging out.
I'm feeding them and here if they need me.
But gone are the days of cute printables and themes and organized activities.

But do you see, he put his arm around me.
And he knows I'm here.
He knows that I will always love him.
I'm still wondering how it is that he is TEN!
Happy Birthday buddy!


Chelsea said...

That sounds like such an awesome guy party! Happy birthday to your boy! And that last photo makes me melt :)

Kim said...

What a great party! My boy will be 17 soon and we went through the stage of air soft wars in the back yard! I still find pellets all over the place! Yes, and after looking at your blog, I think we live in the same county? Although it is very big, I don't think we are too far apart.
What a great story about your boy giving his life to Christ after going to the Getty. What an awesome museum!

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