Friday, April 27, 2012

instagram I first downloaded the instagram app maybe over a year ago and I played around with it somewhere before last Christmas.  But then I didn't really do much with it.
But recently I'm having so much fun using it to make everyday pictures 
so much more pretty.
It's kind of addicting and fun to do when you're waiting in an office, 
or in the car for pick up.
You know what I mean.  
And I never before knew about how you can follow your friends and they follow you.
It's sort of fun to 'chat' with each other through the day that way. here is a quick look at some highlights from our week.

1. reminiscent of my childhood coloring books from costco
 love my girls loving them as much as I did.
2. new tennis shoes... they were giddy with excitement
when they learned they spin...what have I done?
3. one of many baseball games this week.
4. they cleaned & vacuumed their room.. wow.

5. playing musical chairs turned into P.E.
6. trying on skinny jeans.  oh boy.

7. impromptu dancing in the mall food court.
as soon as I snapped this he became self conscious and stopped.
but it was super sweet while it lasted.

8. unexpected thrift store scores.

9. five in a row - madeline - new vocabulary words.
10. more thrift store finds.

11. more baseball.
12. roses in bloom making me happy.

I've been enjoying instagram so much lately, thought I'd join in on the insta-Friday fun.
It's a nice way to recap the week.
Not sure I'll be consistent with this, but sometimes I'll try.


Kim said...

the pictures look so fun!

Natalie Jane said...

Roses make everything better.

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