Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm so humbled and honored beyond belief by this picture.

These sweet girls in India, holding pillows with the warrior girl on them.

A customer contacted me a little while ago asking if I could make the warrior girl
with the pony tail a little darker skinned and into a png file.  She and her family have been
living in Chennai, India working with these girls at Powerhouse Church.
She was so kind to send me an email with these pictures of the girls, all between the ages of nine and eleven, holding the pillows they had made by a Chennai based company.

They were a prize for memorizing nine bible verses related to their study of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe.

And she said they loved them.  They were also a goodbye gift of sorts, since the family will be moving back to the states soon.  She hopes that the girls will look at them and remember to be strong in the Lord, especially as they become teenagers.

I think this picture single-handedly is the biggest blessing I've received from opening an etsy shop.

To think of these girls who face challenges I can't even begin to understand, that they might draw closer to the Lord or their strength might be renewed because of a little drawing that came to me one late night.

To God be all the glory.

And in this instance, thinking of these girls and where they are universally, that in between stage.  Still a girl, yet growing closer to a teen.  Wrestling between wanting to play with dolls and knowing all too soon, those dolls will go by the wayside.

Remembering myself in those preteen years, how I actually gave up drawing for a time.  You see that self inflicted perfectionist part of me was in full force.  I sat near two boys in school who were beyond skilled.  One was the nephew of Charles Schultz, the artist behind the Peanuts.  I absolutely positively loved Snoopy as a kid.  His drawings inspired many of mine.  But for some reason feeling that these boys were better than me, I decided not to try at all.  How crazy is that?  I know.  But that pre-teen me, she didn't.

And somehow this picture, seeing my artwork all the way in India made me tear up at the thought, that thankfully the Lord kept on prompting me to draw.  He told me I didn't have to be perfect.  I just had to be me, and to listen to Him.

That's really the key to everything isn't it?  To believe what HE says and sees in each of us.  It's all that other stuff that isn't from the Lord that holds us back.  The fear, insecurity, doubt, lies, all from the enemy.

When people ask my husband and me how the etsy shop is going, he'll always say it's by no means something she does to make money.  She spends way too much time on it for what she charges.
He's a business man and is business minded.

For me, this is a passion, and something that brings me so much joy.  I do it because I feel inspired by scripture and really have felt the Lord guiding me as I go.  Knowing that this artwork might inspire girls or boys, women or families to think on God's word each time they see the print, that makes me happy.

I pray more than anything for these girls, for all of us, that our identities would be rooted in Christ and our hope found in Him alone.  If my artwork plays a small role in strengthening someone or encouraging them in their walk with the Lord, that is just an honor.

I will keep that first picture up on my inspiration board.  It will serve to inspire on so many levels.  To put a face to the places where the drawings might serve.  To pray for those believing in Jesus in areas where it isn't easy to do so.  To pray for children heading into those years where going against the culture isn't cool, and staying confident and strong can be hard.  To remember this isn't about perfection, this is about listening to Him and seeking to please only Him.  Last but not least, sheer gratitude that He has allowed me to pursue this tucked away dream and to remind me not to give up.

So I'm adding these to my counted gifts...
342. knowing these girls will see those pillows each day and it'll remind them to put on their armor
343. energy to get errands done & how happy these shoes made them
344. adjusting to our new routine
345. dew on roses
346. a mother daughter tea
347. garden planting plans
348. unexpected thrift store finds
349. gift giving
350. a hair cut
351. somehow managing to make the puzzle of our schedules work
352. a daughter who loves hydrangeas as much as me.
353. getting my cell phone fixed
354. assembly line sandwiches
355. pretty colored pens

356. working out to praise music
357. one of our favorite actually has gratitude in the title
358. this adorable cape making craft from sunday school.


Mommy Girl said...

I love this post! I just love the pillows for the girls in India! Isn't that cool? WOW! And I love your words about that "middle stage" of life as a child. I will pull this up in a few years and read it to my girls! Thank you.

Chelsea said...

What an awesome story! It's so cool to see how God used your gift for design/art to speak truth to and remind these girls who they are in Christ!!

Court said...

"i had to just be and listen to Him" yes that is the key and my what a lovely way for your art to be used! i love it when we are getting to do the things our soul so dearly loves and it is being used well to bless others... there is not much cooler than that.

Christina said...

What a wonderful testimony of his faithfulness! And an affirmation of the work you are doing for Him. Great list--I too love haircuts:) Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice encouraging post. What an honor to know that you're artwork is being used for the Lord!

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