Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So we're about two and a half weeks into our new journey of homeschooling my daughter who has dyslexia.

And I'm being eased into this with the Lindamood Bell program where she goes two hours a day five days a week.

And we spend way more time on the road getting everyone where they need to be than I like.
But I am seeing some major things happening.

It's the Lord first and foremost.

It's your prayers.

It's the program.

It's the removal of the stress.

It's all of these things.

But I so want to praise God for these little glimmers of improvement He is showing me daily.

She's happy and free and I love seeing her and her sister playing together.
I just want to share and record those little things that parents with kids that don't struggle wouldn't even think twice about.  Those things that naturally happen, weren't with her.

But in the last week I've seen several of those little things organically (I like that word a lot .. and have been teased for using it in this way.  But you know when it's just natural, child led, not forced at all).

She's reading signs as we drive by them in the car,
just because she wants to and she can!

She's asking me why the E in Zevia says E instead of eh?
She's reading that the double O says OOUUU.  And she's telling me about it.

It didn't matter how many times we'd go over ch, sh, th sounds and what letter made them, she wouldn't retain them.

But suddenly it's all sticking.  And when I was telling her sister (who will talk incessantly which is usually awesome, but sometimes not appropriate) that she needs to 'shhhhhh'.  My middle one said, "S. H."  At first I was thinking, "What?" But then realized oh, she's noticing.  She's noticing.  And she's using these rules in life.  It's clicking.  And I'm so proud of her.  She's working hard.  And she's enjoying learning.  It's such a blessing and so encouraging.
Oh and part of the receptive and expressive language disorder has meant that she is pretty quiet.  We always knew she was more shy, but some of this is that she hasn't 'organically' picked up on language the way we all do.  She doesn't soak it in, understand the context and then use it in sentences the way her brother and sister did and do.  She will tell stories and come to a word or thought she can't find and would say, "Oh never mind."  It must be such a trapped and frustrating feeling.  And trust me, I know she'd get frustrated because she's so sweet and patient, but she'd go from zero to sixty in no time flat.  She'd get so mad and just start screaming at the top of her lungs over something seemingly insignificant.

It was all of that inability to express herself that would build and build to the point of exploding.  Who could blame her.
But do you know, we're together so much through the day and she is talking a lot.  She's standing up for herself when she's talking, telling her brother or sister, "I'm still talking".  You know that old parental phrase, "Use your words."  So often she just couldn't in the way she wanted or as fast as anyone else.  But she's using her words.  Little by little she's using them.

The best thing for me was hearing her tell me a story and using the words dangling and wobbling in context, correctly.  I don't even know where or how she picked those words up.  But they were in there.

It's like her mind and her words are being unleashed.  

It's not all fixed and instantly better, but it's improving.  And this is progress that makes this mom super happy.  I take none of it, none of it for granted.

I also want you to know I don't take your words of encouragement for granted either.  Those of you who've taken time to email me, even at great length, sending me words of wisdom and advice and letting me know you're praying for me.  Praying for me, a complete stranger.  It's humbling and has moved me to tears.  I'm truly serious here.  I wish I could thank you in person, thank you for walking a faithful walk.  Even in the little things like taking the time to type words from the heart that brighten a stranger's day.  Thank you.

 "Therefore encourage one another 
and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing."
1 Thessalonians 5:11


Shell said...

I'm so proud of both of you!! It's amazing to hear these little changes that are happening for her.

Chelsea said...

That's so great to hear! God is so good!

Kim said...

God is so Awesome! Praise Jesus for the growth in your sweet little girl! And Praise Jesus for you listening and obeying the Lord! BTW, we just moved to Cali this last year and I have to say I HATE that traffic! Do you ever get used to it?

Mama to AWE said...

Yay!!! All of that is so exciting!

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