Monday, April 16, 2012

happy monday & huge giveaway

Hi Everyone... Happy Monday.

I had a late night last night working on a warrior boy!!!
I've had so many requests for one and I'm sorry I've sadly neglected boys here.
But that is changing, this one will be done soon and more are on their way.

I'm looking forward to sharing him with you!

But in the meantime, I'm a part of a HUGE giveaway over at

The total value is over $ head over to sweetfloweret.  She has
a neat gadget beneath my picture that makes it all super easy to enter right from her blog.
Each one of the entries gives you a greater chance of winning.

I was going to highlight a couple of the items, but I couldn't decide so here they all are!


Sweet Floweret said...

thanks for sharing on your blog! can't wait to see your warrior boy pic. I have two boys and my youngests name means "humble warrior".

Mama to AWE said...

Have you seen the children's book, Will, God's Mighty Warrior? Of course we have 2 he received as gifts. Can't wait to see your art!

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