Sunday, August 12, 2012

a happy saturday

It's no secret.
We love whole foods.
Partially because it's a hop, skip & a jump from our house.
And they always have those hard to find ingredients.
But this particular whole foods is a favorite.
And this weekend they had a kid's cooking class.
It wasn't quite as 'hands on' as we thought it would be.
But if you volunteered you did get to help.
This little lady was dying to get up there.  
So she did with my good friend's son.
 But she told me she was feeling kind of shy.
This is her I'm a little uncomfortable up here face.
Her sister gladly watched from her seat.
They brought each ingredient around to touch, smell & taste.
We have this little tradition of coming here
for dinner, or lunch.
Instead of going out.
They know how to navigate the self serve.
And each of them has their favorites.
 The meal almost always includes a zevia treat.  
and of course eating with chopsticks!

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Kim said...

fun! your daughter looks like you so much!

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