Monday, August 6, 2012

soaking in summer

We are going to squeeze in every last fun, 
relaxing activity we can before school starts
in just under three weeks.
So we ventured back out to one of the Huntington evenings
for a picnic with music by a string quartet from the Pasadena Symphony.
My husband was working so it was just me and the kids.
They always love walking around till the sun is setting.
And we're literally kicked off the grounds.
We rounded out Sunday with a visit to the beach.
And thankfully I brought one of these...
A Lamplighter Theatre production on cd called "Hedge of Thorns" 
to listen to as we navigated some heavy traffic.
I brought another with us in Hawaii.
If someone interrupted, others were saying, "Shhhh, I can't hear".
If we had to get out of the car, they were anxiously awaiting returning to the story.
And as soon as it ended they asked, "Do you have another?"
I knew we were on to something.
I don't know how I had never heard of these,
because the stories were written over a century ago.
But I'm so grateful I know about them now.
They're truly beautifully produced.
I found them at a table at the Christian Homeschool convention called CHEA in Pasadena.  It was just two days before we left for our vacation which is why I haven't written about it here.  Hopefully soon I'll share my curriculum choices and plans for the fall.  

The Lamplighter series was one of the completely unexpected finds that I am most excited about.  I was instantly drawn to the illustrations on the covers.  Loved them alone.  But as I talked to the girls working at the table and asked other parents who were buying the books and stories on cd they all raved, and I mean really raved about them.  I would ask parents how old are your kids and which ones do you like and why?  I was happily surprised to hear a huge age range.  Now I see why.  Even as an adult I'm completely drawn in, even moved to tears.  My kids are riveted, all three of them.

We are completely and totally hooked.

They are well written, wonderfully acted by British performers, engaging for all ages with biblical lessons in ways kids can relate.  Issues that we have seen in our own home addressed in a story form with valuable outcomes and teachable moments.  I'm so very impressed and now I wish I had bought more.  Because I'm realizing the price was nearly half off at the convention.

The sets were pretty expensive and I knew my husband would say what did you do?  But after hearing the first one alone, he said he would have completely approved.  So now I know.  And now I'm sharing with you...and I'm hunting on ebay and used homeschool curriculums.  But I suspect those who purchase these, they hold onto them, because I'm having a hard time finding any listed.

Ok, well that was a digression.  I think we're all hoping we have a few more of these days left before we're back in the groove of driving Jackson to school and homeschooling the girls here.  I'm in major planning mode.  Praying away the moments of "Oh my goodness, what are we about to do?" and leaning into the Lord.

If He chose this path, He will pave the way!


Kim said...

Beautiful pictures of the Hunington library! And the girls dresses are so sweet...
I love Lamplighters and yes they are very hard to find used... no one wants to get rid of them after they purchase them..
I never bought the audio versions. I should look into them for the car rides.

Chelsea said...

What great photos! It looks like your family is having a fantastic summer!

ellieeugenia said...

What a lovely summer, I am going to check out the lamplighter series, thank you for sharing. Found you via experiencing joy. :)

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