Friday, August 10, 2012

my job

as a wife, mom, and homemaker is so many things.
I could laundry list them all, but I'm sure you know them well too.

 However, today it hit me as we picked up cupcakes to 
surprise daughter number two.  

If I had to write out a list of my duties,
one of the big ones is to create celebrations.  

To celebrate life.
To celebrate them.
To honor them and make sure they feel special.
For those big and little moments.
To be there to hug them and let them know how proud I am.
And man do I feel blessed to be able to do this.
Today was a special one for us.
And I have felt tears brimming all week long over it.

It was her last day at the Lindamood Bell program.
Back when we started in April, she was an anxious child.
Who had shut down in school.
She wasn't progressing.
She wasn't sleeping, she had headaches and stomachaches.
It wasn't a fun place to be as a mom.
There were neuropsych tests and evaluations and meetings
with lots of clinical diagnosis'.
When asked what she remembered from a story just read.
She'd look at you blankly and not say a word.
She was so overwhelmed that things she could do she stopped doing.
But this program methodically worked with her, and she has climbed a mountain.
And can I tell you, a quality of this child that is beyond admirable.
She never, not once complained about going.  Never, at all said it was too hard.
Even though I knew it was for her, she always tries, 
and kept right on pushing even when it was challenging.
And she always has that sweet smile on her face.

Today she has progressed to the point of being able to tell you
the details of a story all the way up to a third grade comprehension level.

And her reading, she is at a first grade level, reading chapter books.
It's slow and steady and she still needs help here and there.
This road isn't over, and her dyslexia isn't miraculously gone.
But she has made amazing progress.
Not only academically, but in her confidence.

And I so wanted to celebrate that.
When a child graduates, they all gather round with congratulations. 
They're given their bag with their sight words, work books, and a chapter book 
chosen as a special gift, signed by their teachers.
This is her lead teacher Alexis.  She is my point person also, meeting with me
and going over Ava's progress every week.
Through this process they work with a different teacher each hour.
But usually there are a few that become their regulars.
And they get to know them well.
They bond with them, learn how to reach beyond the tough shells these 
children have formed towards learning.
And they have patience beyond belief.
They keep working, changing things up whenever needed.
To keep these kids moving forward and growing.

I watched it happen not only with my child, but with others.

And I told them, that they've very much become like a 
security blanket to me.  Helping me through this transition
into homeschooling.

And I have been very emotional about saying goodbye to these
ladies who have cared for my daughter in such a special way.

It's strange how people can become such an integral part of your life.
And then it's time for our journey to take a turn and we won't be 
seeing them on a consistent basis anymore.

But we have promised to come back and visit.  
And I pray we can keep on building from where they've left off.

I've been in training sessions and our tutor who'll be helping met with Alexis too.
So that we all can be on the same page, using the same language.

There will be more on this soon, but for now let's get back to celebrating.

This little lady has wanted to visit here all summer long.
And today I surprised her, with a graduation trip to the Santa Monica pier
and a ride on the ferris wheel.  

It was a first for all of my kids.  Little Lady #2 up there was a bit apprehensive once we started moving.

But her sister LOVED it.
All in all, it was a beautiful day.
A beautiful celebration.
And a blessing to be able to celebrate her. 


Kim said...

Praise Jesus! What a sweet family you have! What a great way to celebrate her accomplishments. You are a good momma!
And I love love love the shot of the ferris wheel with the sunburst in the back ground. Great one!

Jenn said...

Your blog led me to LMB. My 7 year old son started today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

forthelove0f4 said...

wow how amazing to hear.

Sarah said...

How you crazy bless so many ... thanks bunches for splashing around with us at momma notes. Lacing up for the race ... hope you'll join us in cheering other moms on.

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