Friday, August 24, 2012

instagram friday

Finally taking some time to link up and share our Friday instagram shots from the last week.
Here's just a little snippet of some of the happenings here.
Some I want to write more about, but haven't had the time.
If someone could cure the problem of sitting down at night and falling asleep,
I'd love to know. 
I'm just so tired by that point these days.

Pictures 1-3....look at our garden grow!
She was so excited and amazed after we returned from a four day trip to visit grandma & grandpa.

Pictures 4-6 our homeschool space a.k.a the kitchen nook coming together & in use

7. A baby owl the kids found in their playhouse.
I was literally so close I could have touched him.
We almost thought they were tricking us.  
It looked so much like a stuffed animal.  
Super sweet isn't he?

8. my daughter is always flipping her shoes off.
She put them here while running to play at the park
and I thought the leaves and colors were so pretty.
My 10-year-old son said, 'Oh mom, not another
instagram picture.'  He thinks I'm a little crazy.
But I say, it's an easy way to feel creative.
And I need to feel creative wherever I can squeeze it in!

9. a super cool new restaurant in Carlsbad.
Sort of like a food truck, with a lawn & adirondack chairs.
All waffles made into sandwiches, both sweet & savory.
And a glimpse there of cousin Michael.
Eventually I'll post more about our visit to San Diego.

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