Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a new first day

Wow.  Just wow.
You see this young man?
Beginning his last year of elementary school.
Today I kept having serious flashbacks to this five year old little boy 
starting his kindergarten year.
How fast it has gone.
 His sisters are so proud of him and adore him.
If he only realized the weight he carries in their eyes.
I of course was slightly embarrassing him at school
snapping pictures with his friends.
And in the class.
I loved this little set up.
 And the girls, they got to do their first homeschool gymnastics class.
We met some nice new friends.
And Ava said, "It was awesome, I wish we could do it every day."
I'm still busily preparing for our first day on Monday.
Soon, very soon there will be a post on my curriculum choices.
And I'm about to pick up our big brother, praying he had a wonderful first day!

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