Tuesday, August 7, 2012

simply lovely

It was time again to change out all the shavings and clean their feet.
The feet are a daily, sometimes multiple times a day thing.
The shavings twice a week.
I won't go into why, you can imagine I'm sure.
Let's just say these cuties are pretty messy.
Messy, but worth it.

And changing everything out means they come out of the 
red heat lamp (that isn't so great for pictures),
into the light that I love in our laundry room of all places.

And yes, daughter number two is obsessed with that dress.
Would wear it every day if she could.
And I mostly let her until it's just too dirty.
Because I remember her sister did the same thing.
And then suddenly it all changed.

And she became a jeans every day kind of girl.
So for now, the pretty smocking dress,
it can stay as long as she wants.

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Kim said...

that is right... let her wear it! I love it! It looks like something from the 70's...don't you think..
chicks are adorable

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