Sunday, August 5, 2012

pure love

My goodness.
Just pure sweetness.
These little ladies are finding a way into my heart.
I'm memorizing them and
can pick each one by their distinctive marks.
One with speckles on her wings and a darker beak.
Another, little black flecks in her tail.
A third has three distinct darker marks on each wing and two dots on her beak.
The fourth and fairest of them all, without any marks on her beak at all.

And their personalities too.
One keeps to herself a little more.
One likes to sleep standing up.
Another has to check everything out and then tweet about it rather loudly.
While the others seem to follow her lead.

I've learned they develop a pecking order.
That's literally where this phrase comes from because
one chick will take the lead and the others will fall in order with one at the end of the line.
Poor little one.  I think I know which one it is, but I'm not sure it's strongly established yet.
But as her 'chick mama' I'll make sure she knows Jesus loves her just how she is.

Oh don't worry about me.  I'm not losing it.  Really, kidding.
My husband keeps declaring, "They're chicks.  They are not pets.
They're chickens."

But I don't like seeing anyone feeling like they're at the bottom of the heap.
Even if they are just chickens.

I have always been a softie for any living thing.

As I'm reading up on them, I learned that the baby chicks
will imprint their 'mother'.  Which means they're getting to know me.
And it says some will come to follow after or even respond when they're
called by their 'mother' even if she is a human.  

Pretty cute.

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Michelle said...

What lucky chicks to have you as their 'mama'!!

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