Thursday, August 2, 2012


that's the word that keeps coming to mind.

Oh me oh my.

Meet Lucy, Hannah, Charlotte & Belle.

Our baby chicks.

We did it.  Seriously. 

They're just two weeks old.  We brought them home on Monday.

And we're all in love.

In love I tell you.

They'll live in a bathtub incubator for the next eight to ten weeks.

My son is already building them toys and ramps to entertain themselves with while they're in this makeshift home.
Until they move into their coop.

For now, they have five doting parents.
Going into this, I had no preference as to what breed.
But when we got there,  I was completely sold by the description of the buff brahma.

They're sweet, docile, gentle, quiet, great with children and good egg producers.


I couldn't ask for more.

And when they grow up, this is what they'll look like.
They grow feathers on their legs and feet, kind of like socks.

I think they're adorable.

Linking to embrace the camera as I embrace my new role as a chick mama. 

Happy Thursday everyone!


Kim said...

So cute! Wow! You are really doing it! Awesome!

Heidi said...

My son's preschool had baby chicks in a the classroom for a couple weeks. They started with the eggs and got to see them hatch too. He loved it! How awesome that in a while you will be getting fresh eggs regularly too!

CQ| said...

omg.. they are so cute!

Danielle said...

I keep thinking about getting chickens to help with our grasshopper problem but they seem like a lot more work then I first thought!

Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! Trying to convince my man to let us get a couple of chickens. Great pics!!!

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