Thursday, March 10, 2011

ten on ten

So excited to actually have remembered to do this on the 10th of the month.

It's a project created by Rebeckah at A Bit Of Sunshine where you take ten pictures, in ten consecutive hours on the 10th of the month to show a snapshot of what your day looks like.

I love the concept.  But generally remember that I forgot once I see other posts.

So here is our ten on ten for the 10th of March.

11:00 am
Walking to the corner bakery with daddy and cousin Jason for breakfast.  Anaheim scramble panini on sourdough is everyone's favorite.

12:00 noon
Walking back home.... Audrey getting a lift from Daddy.

1:00 pm
Checking out the progress on our new built in.  This is the back side of where the bar used to be.  We're finally turning it into a true pantry... which is what I was using the bar for anyway.  So excited about the storage space.

2:00 pm
Heading to school for the big kid's parent teacher conference.

Driving the kiddos home.

4:00 pm
Getting a snack in their bellies.

5:30 pm
After ballet class wiggling her first loose tooth.

6:00 pm
back home for dinner daddy's home from work and decides to grill the salmon, shrimp & scallops before they go bad.  Whew took me off the hot seat to come up with dinner for everyone.

7:00 pm
One last special late night jacuzzi with cousin Jason before he heads back home to the east coast.

8:00 pm
Saying goodbye to cousin Jason before bed.  One last picture from his spring break trip.

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Chris Gough said...

Wow, wiggling the first tooth...haven't hit that stage yet with our little guys, looks like a grand day!

The Gambrel Family said...

How great to live so close you can walk to school and it looks like a beautiful day!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

What a lovely day :-)

Hershey's Moma said...

That first tooth is so so exciting isn't it?! Our daughter just lost her second. The excitement dropped just a notch-

Jennifer said...

Great pictures. I just clicked on your art. They are beautiful!

hill said...

love, love, love this.

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