Thursday, March 3, 2011

Truly Vintage

I'm loving this fabric, 
the smocking, 
the colors,
 the rick rack,
the shoulders &
the bow.
The way my four year old so perfectly coordinated it with a pair of striped leggings.
And the fact that it was mine... circa 1970 something.
My mom recently found an old stash of clothes belonging to my sister and me.
I didn't think my girls would really wear them.
But today my four year old came out with this outfit on.
I love it.
It's perfectly retro and modern all at the same time.
And looks simply adorable on her.


julie said...

how sweet and funny! i am a 70's baby too! i have a couple of dresses i wore and then my daughter wore but they were smaller! i should check with my mom to see if she has anymore! i can remember some of them! little house on the prairie meets groovy! hehe!

Erin said...

Somehow I love vintage even more when it's on a cute little 4 year old! She looks fab. :D

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