Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Enough!

I don't know if I've written about this before.
I probably have to some degree.
But since I can't remember
and since it's one of my {im}perfections
and I was just talking about it with another creative mom friend
it was fresh on my mind.


I've had to teach myself this through the years.

Especially as a mom.  Because time is SO limited!

I literally have had to teach myself to stop.

I think it has something to do with being creative.
I sometimes think creative brains just work differently,
see things differently.

I can work on something and it won't feel right

and I'll have to mess with it till it does.

But honestly no one else would notice.

Sometimes it can be a trap, a stronghold.

I'm so glad to say that the Lord has 
been beyond patient with me in this way.
And He is growing me up.

It's freeing being able to say, "This is Good Enough"
in so many aspects of my life.

Not only creatively, but also in my life as a mom and keeper of my home.

I can spiral into feeling like I'm never doing enough.

Like I can never get caught up... with the messes
and piles and projects waiting to be finished.

Or with my children.

A bad grade, I must not have worked with him enough.

A shy child, I must help her more, help her confidence grow.

Because the world is judging and not understanding.

I say 'can' let this happen, because I'm learning, slowly,
but I'm learning to let them roll off me, to not let
them make me feel like I'm failing.

Do you know those kinds of thoughts?

Really they can torture your mind.

Owning everything.

And honestly NO ONE can do everything right,

be everything for everyone.

But we can do our best with God strengthening us 
through our weakness.

We can do ENOUGH.

And rest in knowing that HE is Lord

and He is abundantly more than ENOUGH for EVERYONE.

We don't have to do it all.

"Be STILL and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10


Mom2One said...

I struggle with this on a daily basis. It's a hard lesson to learn to say "that's good enough" and be done with it. Being detail oriented isn't always easy on one's mind. I think waaaaaay too hard about a LOT of things.

I'm your newest follower. Found your blog through Capturing motherhood. I'm looking forward to reading your blog. You can check mine out @

Jackie said...

Thanks. I so agree. I think I even titled a post once "I Think Too Much." I also put so much thought into things, when I really don't need to stew so much. Here's to being recovering 'over-thinkers.'

Heart n Soul said...

A beautiful your openness to be real, true and honest. LOVELY.

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