Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Believe it or not I'm actually up to date on my project life scrapbook.  I've neglected to post the pictures here.  But last Thursday I had a surge of creative energy and I was able to get caught up.  Oh it made me so happy.

So here are this past week's latest adventures, taking a picture a day to capture our lives.

MONDAY - FEB. 28th 
Here's my little artist thinking about what her next creation should be.
It was a pretty fabulous drawing of our family (which I'll add later... rushing to get to bible study with my little four year old waiting by my side to run out the door).
She said I'm hopping like a bunny and proceeded to go back and forth, back and forth hopping away bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.
She and her sister have learned over the last year and a half to entertain themselves while coming with mommy to my many doctor's appointments.  Here she drew a princess and another drawing was of a queen, which of course was mommy.  My doctor so kindly gave her the pink post it notes to keep her busy.  She actually cracks me up, just hanging out with her watching the way she commands the attention of everyone in the room and happily entertains everyone.
You saw lots of pics of this little outfit in the "Truly Vintage" post.  It's a shirt my mom bought for me in 1977 when I was five years old.  She found an old stash of several things of my sister's and mine.  Audrey pulled this out and paired it with some perfectly matching striped leggings.

The first Friday of every month the older kids get out at 12:15.  The assembly that I take pictures for runs from 8:45 till about 10:00 so we have a little window of time between when it ends and when it's time to pick the bigger kids up.  So Audrey and I went to the mall, shared a morning smoothie and then here she's discovering the indoor play place.  She was so ecstatic to hang out with just mom and play away on the playground to her heart's content.
SATURDAY - March 5th
  The girls playing away with their barbie dolls.
They also started a new ballet class closer to our home and their Mimi & Pa came up to visit.  We all went to lunch together with family friends... but of course I forgot to take any pictures of that.

  We picked up their 20-year-old cousin Jason from the airport.  He's in town visiting during his Spring break.  The kids are having so much fun with him.  We headed out to Universal City walk and then out to dinner for sushi.  

The kids had the day off of school for a teacher inservice day.  It was the only full day I had to do a tourist type thing with cousin Jason.  We attempted to go to the beach, but the winds were sooooo strong.  We took him to Zuma beach in Malibu and then to the Malibu Country Mart where we had a yummy lunch, walked around and the kids played on the playground.

(I'm adding yesterday in just because... if you want to see more inspiration for Project Life Tuesday - head over to Jessica's blog).


Erin said...

Oh my goodness. That picture from Wednesday may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Your kids are so beautiful!

Sara said...

Beautiful pictures. (and the 20 year old cousin isn't too bad either!) ha ha ha. I love the vintage shirt. That is just adorable.

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