Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{im}perfect treasures

This is going to be slightly more light-hearted than usual.
But they're still imperfections.
Confession 1)  I let her stay in her jammies when we take the big kids to school if she doesn't.
Confession 2) Sometimes we run errands on our way back home.... while she's still in jammies.
Confession 3) She has an obsession... and I mean serious obsession with finding treasures.
Confession 4) I let her crawl around on the very dirty floor finding said treasures which are really what most people would consider trash.
But they're jewels and pretty flowers and just absolutely fabulous to her.
And I tell you this child will spot things from a mile away no matter where we are.  She'll see a shine or a sparkle sticking out and more times than I can count she has found one or five dollar bills.

She sees things no one else does.  We walk right past, over and next to what she deems special. 

She has a keen eye and is always on the hunt.  To me that's something unique about her and I let her pursue her treasures.

But I know I look like a careless mom who doesn't dress her child
and lets her get all dirty crawling around the ground.

Confession 5) I'm saving all these petals, beads and baubles.  I plan to glue them to a frame when we have enough.  It'll be a token of this time and this special treasure hunting spirit in her.

Confession 6) I have an affinity for thrifting, finding deals, and dollar bins.   I was known in high school and college to go to the Salvation Army with my Grandma in order to get her Senior Citizen discount.  I guess I love the hunt too.  Finding a simple little treasure, even better if it's a trash to treasure.  And I love stocking up on things I know will be good gifts for others.  So perhaps the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  But I do have to be discerning because sometimes those things that will be great gifts for 'one day' pile up in the closet.

Because of the construction at our house turning that closet into a creative space for me I'm taking stock of how much that dollar here, dollar there adds up.  And how many of those things that are good gifts for 'some day' have been tucked away and are completely forgotten.  

In my mission to get myself more organized I'm finding I really need to have these things visible.  I need to see what I have and use what I have before buying another little treasure.  

I'm linking to Capturing Motherhood's picture me {im}perfectly.

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hill said...

oh, i love this post. and i love all of your confessions. i am so in need or getting uber organized, too. xoxo.

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