Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Rushing to get out the door to pick up my kiddos from school .. so here goes our Project Life rundown for this past week.

Monday:  Miss Ava showing me how she balances.  I thought she looked too cute.. had to take a pic.

Tuesday: Fixing dinner when I hear this little one announce, "I'm pinkalicious".  Her sister covered her in pink lipgloss to make her just like pinkalicious.  Thank God daddy handled the bath that night.

Wednesday: LG is the kindergarten stuffed animal that gets to visit each child at home.  We happened to have LG for the fundraiser night at Ruby's so he shared a Sundae with the kids.

St. Patrick's Day celebration with the kindergarten class.  Games, stories & of course traditional food and mint shakes!

Thursday:  Ballet class... total concentration.

Friday:  I love her free spirit playing on the swings.

Saturday:  Jackson (which by the way you may wonder why he's scarce on this blog.  He wants it that way, so I respect his wishes.  He especially doesn't like it when I post pictures of him in his pajamas.  So here I'm showing how he excitedly helped me assemble his party favor bags.  He kept saying, 'Boy you're so lucky you have me, or else you'd be up till midnight."

Saturday:  A bowling party.  She was afraid at first and said she didn't want to do it.
But after one try she was hooked and didn't want the party to end.

Sunday afternoon:  His big 9th birthday party celebration.  At one of those crazy indoor playgrounds.  Praise God we happened to schedule this year's party indoors.  The rain would have seriously put a damper on the party if it had been at home.  
Everyone had a blast!!!
I couldn't pick just one picture.  I'll probably make a montage for the album.

For someone like me, who actually enjoys preparing and planning parties.  This was a major diversion from the norm.  We couldn't even bring in our own food or cupcakes.  So I was happily surprised that this display was adorable and they got rave reviews as well. 


Erin said...

Haha! I always wonder if reading things like Pinkalicious to kids at school will have some sort of affect like that at home. :)

packmom said...

Looks like a fabulous week. Your kids are so cute and full of life.

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