Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boy Party Favors

His party is tomorrow afternoon.

I'm doing what I thought I never would.

Due to the construction at our house and the inability to host it here.

We're going to one of those giant indoor play places.

He's beyond excited, saying it's going to be the best day of his life.

I'm grateful that I haven't had to think about it much at all.

But alas, it occurred to me mid-week...I need to make party favors.

Because I so completely don't have to do anything I kind of forgot.

So at the 11th hour I found these supplies at Target

and made a tag to go on top.

I'm pretty pleased with how fun and colorful it looks.

I know it's kind of junk, but what nine-year-old boy doesn't

crack up at a whoopie cushion, love a light up yo-yo,

parachuting army man, bouncy ball and of course bubble gum.

Even my girls are excited to launch the army man from the top of the bunk bed.

And my it doesn't matter how old you are, even husbands crack up

at the whoopie cushion practical joke.   

Rain is expected for tomorrow, all the more reason going to an indoor play place

(and not our backyard) will be perfect to celebrate our big boy.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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