Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project Life Tuesday (March 21-27)

I love the accountability of this.. it makes me sit down each week and actually label and order my pictures.
It's a fun small scrapbook project that is very manageable for me right now.  I just know at the end of the year I'll be so thankful to see all of these days together in one place.

So here we go.. our family recap of the last week.

Monday the girls begged me to paint their nails.  Ava has this cool book with lots of pictures for ideas.  They like to pick a different design for each nail.  It's a labor of love that makes them happy.  No idea what the faces are about, but they were having so much fun.

Tuesday was the art show.

Wednesday was 'crazy dress day.'  This was about as crazy as my fashionista would get.

And my son, he came up with this idea all on his own.  Here he's trying to run away from me before I actually get a picture.
Thursday, the tooth fairy pillow Aunt Shell Shell made... came in the mail!  So adorable!  (By the way, the tooth fell out this morning.. but the pic will have to be in next week's post.)

So lately Audrey has started 'sauntering'.  I asked her what are you doing?  She replied, "This is my fancy walk."  Well ok then.  Where she learned it, no idea.  But had to document it.
As you can see we were at IKEA.  That place is seriously overwhelming to me. But it was a necessity because I'm on an organizing mission.  

Saturday was a family affair at a friend's skating party.  Our girls had mostly bambi legs.  But they loved it none the less and want to go back.

Even my husband and I got a chance to feel like grown ups skating by ourselves.

Sunday.. I leave you with a sneak peak at the soon to be finished 'mommy nook,' 'woman cave,' 'creative station', I'm not sure yet what to call it.  But it's really happening.  It's a double door closet turned dream land.  I never thought this could be a reality, but it almost is.

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