Thursday, March 31, 2011

embracing the camera - march 31

This is actually hard for me.

I nearly forgot.

But fortunately grabbed the camera before I picked up my daughter from kindergarten.

While pushing her younger sister on the swing, I asked my 6 year old to snap a picture of us.

She happily obliged.

And now I have a picture of me doing what I do nearly every day at pick up

but have never taken the time to document.

today was a princess dress day...despite the 100 degree heat


hill said...

how cute are you! xoxo.

Nesser said...

Great pic!

Jessie said...

Great picture! I have a pic of my mom pushing me on a swing and it's my favorite!

Margaret said...

Seems like a wonderful everyday event to me! What good memories for your kids!!

Kara said...

This is a great shot. It's so hard to get the routine stuff documented, but so worth it.

Janet said...

Good job getting in front of the camera. And what a treasure to have this snapshot of your life.

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