Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Joy

If you can believe it, my husband and I actually managed to run errands together today sans kids. 
 It was kind of like a date.

Complete with a stop at our favorite Barnes and Noble.  

Which included an early gift.  One of these.  

My most favorite slices of bliss, Somerset magazines.

I don't buy them for myself, but they're a perfect gift, which my husband knows.  They're pure joy to me, and so are added to the 100 Reasons for Joy list, making them Joy #101.

This most favorite Barnes and Noble will be closing in a month.  Oh it makes me so sad.  A CVS is moving in.  Ugh.  We hardly need another pharmacy in this area.

This place holds so many memories of babies crawling through the kid area, coffee or tea sipped while reading in those rare quiet moments, and impromptu date nights with no agenda.

Joy #102 Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember we've continued in the tradition of having a traditional Slovakian meal.  My dad's mom used to do it, and then my mom.  She treated us tonight to the yummy and rich meal that wouldn't be complete without her mint bars.
They're like eating a mint brownie with chocolate on top.  

Yes, I'm feeling like I need to have a good run.. and soon.

But first, Joy #103 this little one doing her best to drink out of a grown up glass.  
Her little mouth was so cute trying to drink without spilling.

Joy #104 Our kids singing (sort of) at church tonight.  All but one of them avoid these things like the plague.  But they stepped up and did their best.

Joy #105 focusing on our Lord and thanking Him tonight for all He has done for us and for me in the past year.  I read today about a family tradition where they all write a thank you note to Jesus and read them on Christmas day recounting all He has done for them in their lives that year.  I love that.  I'm inspired to write my own by tomorrow.

And finally, coming home to discover the joys of miles and miles of bubble wrap.  My kids all had their own techniques.  Make a runway, stomp, bounce, jump.  Oh the joy of popping bubble wrap to end the night.  #106 (picture will be added later)

Joy #107 The sense of anticipation leaving cookies, milk and a note for Santa.

And Joy #108, they've been waiting for this all week long.  
The chance to try to sleep together in their fort.

It started out well.. and all was quiet, but as I type this at nearly 11pm, they still aren't asleep.  Hmmmm... hopefully this means they'll be sleeping in.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Sweet Dreams.

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