Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Toy Joy

Look how cute they are on Christmas Eve in their diamond patterns. That was sort of an accident.  But cute none the less.  

If only they sold that outfit in women's sizes.  It's from target by the way.  Did I mention it's the go to place for all things on your list?  It almost is I tell you.  
I love how excited they are and how willing they were to pose together. (That doesn't always happen as I've previously mentioned)

The kids were ever so patient, waiting to open their presents till all the grown ups were ready and coffee was made.

The things that mommy had been avoiding buying for a year or so now all seemed to make their way into our home yesterday.

I have a tendency to fight joining in on trends.  I like things that are more natural and really have preferred buying from etsy.  But somehow this year, we all caved.  Grandmas, mommy and even Santa.

So now our kids are the proud owners of zhu zhu pets.. see that blurry little flurry zipping boy.  
Oh boy. Between those nanno bugs and these I have rodents and roaches running around my house.  Every mothers dream right???

We also now have pillow pets
and an American Girl doll.
Yes, I have avoided joining in all of this because they hadn't really been asking for them and I don't like how one thing traps you into buying the next and everything adds up.

And do you remember when I made that late night run to the American Girl store, but found it was closed. I went because our East coast Grandma got that American Girl doll for Ava and I was worried that our younger daughter would be upset she didn't get one too.  

But plan B at Target brought the Fancy Nancy doll.  And let me tell you it made no difference to her at all. 
She was just as pleased and thankfully there was more than a 100 dollar difference.

The biggest hit in our house, are these plasma cars.  
 Ava had been telling me, all I want from you is one of those bike things and a zhu zhu pet.  That's all I want mommy.
I knew getting her one would cause problems.  So they all got one and let me tell you, most of the morning has been spent with them playing chase games around and around the house.
SO I didn't originally intend for them to be a house toy.  But if it keeps them busy and they're happy, I'll let it go.
Another huge hit is a gift my son received called Creationary.  
It's like Pictionary, but you create the image using legos.  I wasn't sure if we could all play, but I'm happy to report even our 3 year old was able to do it without assistance.  
It's so awesome to find a game that all of us can play and that even the younger kids feel empowered doing.  

I hope you're all having a wonderful day after Christmas.  We're being slightly slow and slightly lazy around here.  But it's all good right.  

Daddy and I are fighting some kind of chest/cough thing, hoping to knock it out soon.  But it has meant I got to sleep in rather late today.  When told what time it was when he woke me this morning I replied, "I'm channeling my inner teenager ok."  That seemed to suffice and I was left alone.

Happy day after Christmas.

Here's to health and happiness in the New Year.  May you feel the love and Joy of Christ our Savior today.  I love how this time of year feels fresh with new beginnings.  But I'm finally recognizing that with Jesus every day gets to feel this way.  Praise God for His gift of wonder!

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