Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joy In Every Day Things

Joy #86 in the 100 Reasons For Joy project:
The day started with a delivery.  One we get every year that brings us joy.  A Harry & David stack of boxes filled the with juiciest pears, nuts and of course some chocolate.  Those little cherry treats on top, they bring me back to one of my first dates with Neal.  We had gone to Starbucks and shared a little package like that.  That time in my life is sealed in my memory and those little treats send me right back.
Joy #87 These girls having a quiet pow wow in their fort with our family friend Maria and of course Miss Bella.
Joy #88 These kids dancing to the Christmas music in my car.  It was feeling a lot like Christmas on our drive.  The excitement they feel is palpable.  It's enough to make any adult stress of things unfinished melt away.
Joy #89 Settling in for a rainy day painting expedition.  They were all so excited to work on gifts for family.  I loved their concentration.
This one has an attention to detail that is so special.
And this one is just starting to express her creativity with circles made into flowers.  
She was insistent that this mug go to me, not someone else.
I will treasure it and this day captured in time.
And our friend Maria made a steak plate for her Uncle who she says they call the steak master.  
Quite a cute idea don't you think.
My son's has the snowman on one side and a surprise on the other.  I'm not showing all of their mugs because of eyes that aren't supposed to see them yet.
Joy #90 stopping at the toy store in the same center just to look.  And this sweet thing, in her always eclectic layered look, trying her hardest to hoola hoop.

Joy #91 Not feeling tired while out and about with all of them.  Having the energy to keep up with them.  I don't take this lightly or for granted at all anymore.  After months of feeling like the blood just wasn't flowing right through my body and feeling so fatigued,  I notice when I am doing a lot and I feel good and I praise God for it.

Joy #92 A husband who did bath and put the kids to bed so I could have a break tonight.

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