Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Joy

Ah Sundays.

They're really the only morning of the week that we take it easy.
If we don't go to the 9 a.m. service, the next service is at 12 noon.
Some weeks it's just fun to stay home in our jammies, snuggled on the couch, drinking smoothies and watching holiday movies.

So that's my Joy #51 in the 100 Reasons for Joy challenge today.

Joy #52 the little bits of holiday cheer scattered around the house.
Joy #53 my husband surprised me with a new computer as an early Christmas present.  I didn't think I needed one, but now that I'm working on it I'm realizing how much slower mine was.  It's pretty amazing.  

But we're finding a few snafu's like fonts that aren't uploaded that now need to be re-installed oh and photoshop won't let us put it on this computer.  Grrr.. so we have to buy a new one.  So weird how they protect programs like that, but we paid for it.

NOT the best time to change out the computer then.  But he was so excited to do it.  I'm trying not to be crabby about it.  Tomorrow we'll be re-hooking up the old one so I can function and get prints out.  

As we embark on the last week before Christmas break my prayer tonight is for the ability to manage everything smoothly and easily and that all our schedules will fall into place.  There's a lot to be done in the next five days.  Oh and I'm prayerful that we all stay healthy.  There's quite a nasty bug going around knocking kids out for days on end.  Over half of my son's class has gotten it.  I'm praying everyone gets healthy and stays healthy.

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