Thursday, December 2, 2010

Joy In The Little Things

Day two in the 100 Reasons For Joy challenge.

6)Oh there is joy in this moment of prayer.  My husband is really good about praying and praising all throughout the day with our children.  This was a prayer of praise for the large leaps my five year old is making in her learning.  

It makes me joyful to see him leading our family and teaching our children that all things come from God and we should always turn to Him and thank Him for even the smallest answered prayers.

I'm joyful for her confidence that I see blossoming.  Tomorrow she will win a surprise award at the assembly.  I'm so happy for her.

7) I'm joyful for this advent devotional and through it learning how to daily focus on Christ.  The suggestion yesterday that I didn't know and already am implementing is that there are 24 chapters in Luke.  This gospel is a great one to use as a daily advent devotional reading about Jesus' birth, his life and his promises.

8) This centerpiece that arrived as an anniversary gift from my mom (she's always so good about remembering everyone's everything) that will last us all season.  

9) JOY number nine - this son of mine who leads his sister's in grace and who without prompting told each of them he loved them.

10) Oh and I'm so joyful about playing around with actions in photoshop.  I just discovered many are free and after reading a couple of tutorials wa-la vintage photo effects (exhibit A-photo for Joy #6).  Free and fun always makes me happy.

11)  Seeing this precious sleeping face in the morning.  There's something about their peace and innocence when they're asleep.  It makes my heart smile.

12) And now to end the day with the joy of sitting down with my husband to watch some HGTV International House Hunters.  We don't watch much TV at all.  But we're sort of HGTV geeks.  And we really like seeing houses around the world.   I like seeing how other people live and imagining visiting the different places one day.  Even our kids enjoy watching from time to time to try to guess which house they'll pick.  It's simple, light-hearted and a good way to end the night.

Here's to finding Joy in the little things.

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