Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Take One

That's what today felt like.
Like a first take
of the gift giving,
the celebrating,
and the fun family time.
These girls were beyond happy with their custom gifts from Aunt Shell Shell.
Check out her etsy shop with adorable and customizable gifts for babies, kids, and grown ups.

Joy #73, having my sister and her husband, my mom and dad all here today.
Joy #74 This sweet glass cloche hand painted by my son.  What a cute idea his teacher came up with for the kids to give their moms for Christmas.
Joy #75 The way Bella (fresh from the groomers today) sits in my girl's laps waiting for them to give her some love.

Joy #76 The steady rain that pitter pattered all day today,
while we were bundled up with a fire watching it from inside.

Joy #77 The blooms on this azaela
and my first camellia to open it's bud.

Those who know me well, know I have a special affinity for roses, camellias and hydrangeas.

There was this one time I nearly made my husband steer off the road when I shrieked while driving through Lake Como, Italy.  The size and beauty of the hydrangea bushes there are literally breathtaking.

But that's a side note.  Mostly I'm filled with joy to have Christmas slowly unfolding in a way that isn't stressful.  My prayer continues to be able to keep up with the pace while not losing focus of Jesus and His gifts this season.

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