Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick Joys

This will be short and sweet because honestly I'm trying to stay joyful, but have been feeling wiped out today and a last run to Toys R Us tonight and the mall just about put the joy away.  

Seriously.. I have NEVER left shopping this late and now I know why people go koo koo at this time of year.  The noise and the chaos and the shelves that look like animals tore through them.  It's just yuck.  

But my kids just didn't tell me what they really wanted this year and I think opening the etsy shop (even though I really wanted to) made my focus go to that instead of Christmas gifts.  

But it's all good.  It really is.  I mean I am so very thankful that I'm able to go out shopping and that I have my health and that I have a family to shop for.  

So I'll stop griping.  But really truly, I won't leave shopping this late again!

All of these joys are from my cell phone, so excuse how grainy they are.  Here we go in Day 22 of the 100 Reasons for Joy Challenge

Joy # 93 Rainy day movies like The Polar Express
Joy #94 My rainboots to keep me dry.
Joy #95  Watching the rain pouring down from inside our cozy home.
Joy #96 A husband who every heavy rain gets out there and clears all the drains so that the hill doesn't flood into our home.
Joy #97 My crazy kids running circles around the house to burn off energy.  Every house with kids should have a circular pattern just for this purpose.
Joy #98  Being home with my honey.. another reason I'm hurrying to finish up this post.  

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