Friday, December 17, 2010

Parties & Preparations

Christmas parties

and games.

And a movie for the 3rd grade party.
Do you remember this?  
This 1956 movie is such a classic and so creatively shot.
And it's so cool that children in 2010 are just as 
enthralled with its simple beauty.
I loved this movie as a child.
It was so fun seeing it again through my children's eyes.  

It's amazing to me how a moment will trigger my mind to the feelings I had decades ago, the person I was decades ago.

My memories of my childhood can be faint and fuzzy.
But what I'm finding is as my children get older little pieces of the puzzle come flooding back to me.  It will happen in an instant and there's this feeling of familiarity.  Then I realize it's a memory brought back to life because of my child.
Sharing childhood memories is my joy # 70.

And for Joy #71...
sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and a vegan green bean casserole all ready to go in the oven tomorrow.  I'll rise bright and early to begin cooking our turkey.

Oh and those are my grandmas dishes.  I love them.  Love their vintage feel and love knowing they were hers.  

It's early Christmas here tomorrow with my sister and her husband who're visiting from New York and my parents from San Diego.  
The kids are bouncing with excitement.

I'm beyond Joyful - #72 - about sleeping in and having lazy mornings over the next two weeks.  
Christmas break has officially begun!

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