Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's a BOY

My spare moments have been spent this week working on this custom order.

This is just a sneak peak.  I'm waiting till it's shipped to reveal the whole picture.

It's something new for me.
Can you guess why? 

Well for one, it's a BOY! :)

And the scene is more of well, a scene.  I hadn't done that here yet.
Can you guess what scripture it is?
I'm so excited about it.

And I'm so excited about this pdf for a Baking Birthday party.
You see I have a daughter who is turning 6 in just two days.
So close to Christmas I usually delay her party a little bit.

This year she has had trouble deciding what she wants to do.
So today I said we must sit down and decide.  
I LOVE this party website and it led me to this party website.
Don't you love how that happens???  

I can get lost looking at the beautiful photos of so many blogs.
And you know, my soon to be six-year-old is taking after me.  
She ooh'd and aah'd over the pictures of so many party ideas.  
But this baking party, it won out over all the rest.

Check out this adorable cake topper.  Seriously cute.  
I've never done this before.  
But this year, with opening the etsy shop 
I don't have the time to custom make my own invitations 
so I did it.  I ordered the pdf.

Six dollars and all of the instructions and pre-made downloads for decorations, 
tags, invites and thank you's are there.  
I think it was well worth the money because of the time it just saved me.

Invitations are already printed and ready to go.

In the meantime we're heading to the mountains for a few days.  
I may not be online much.  I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!  
I'll definitely report back on our adventures when we return.

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