Saturday, December 11, 2010

Joyful Saturday

December 10th was a date my son and I had been waiting for and counting down for probably about a year.

It was the release of "Voyage of the Dawn Treader". 

You see he and I have a special love for the Narnia series and C.S. Lewis.  When he just turned six and was in kindergarten I began reading the seven book series to him, one chapter a night every night.  It took from spring break all the way until the very end of the summer.  There were a few times I read more than a chapter though, just to ensure he'd go to bed with a happy part, not something dark.

It was a really amazing journey.  One that I loved just as much as he did.  I had never read them so it was really fun to be reading something a grown up could appreciate just as much as a child.

There were times, with his two very little sisters in the room that I thought I was the only one paying attention.  

But I tell you he remembers the details better than I do.

So today we went to the early matinee on a mother-son date.  And that is my Joy #47

It was a special time and I loved it.  I'm so rarely only with him.  He's so big now,  he's already up to my chin.  It's crazy to me how fast that has happened.

But back to Narnia.  It was great and amazing and I love C.S. Lewis.  

I love all the biblical connections.  Some of my favorite lines included (and these aren't exact quotes, but the gist)  "Before you can fight the darkness on the outside, you must get rid of the darkness inside of you."  

The other message was when you grow up, be just like YOU, not like anyone else.  Appreciate the special qualities God gave YOU and the person he made you to be.  

The symbolism of the green smoke, I keep thinking about it and how it represents the way the enemy plants wrong thinking in our minds so subtly, but so insidiously.   And how important it is we stop that wrong thinking right in it's tracks and replace it with scripture whenever it hits.

Oh and that extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people.  And to fight with bravery, don't back down.  All of those things.  It was inspiring and so many good lessons to talk about with my son.  And can I just say, I love that little reepicheep.  Love him!

The funny thing was as each new scene unfolded my son Jackson would say, "Oh this is where the lake is" or "This is when he becomes a dragon" or "that's where the guys fell asleep."  Two and a half years ago we read those books and he remembered the details so specifically he'd call the scenes before they unfolded.  I was impressed.

Before leaving for the movie I had a jam packed morning trying to clean up the mess from getting all the decorations out and my dining room which is quickly turning into a production zone for the wrapping and packaging of prints.  

Then to make cookies for a grown up cookie exchange party.  I was so excited to get to do something just with ladies. 

But first my Joy #48   was all of my little helpers in the kitchen.  I chose to make these yummy heath bar crunch cookies.  I found the recipe online and adjusted slightly when the store didn't have Skor bars, but did have heath bars. 

Ava measured and poured,
and tried to sample the sugar.
Ok, did sample the sugar,
and then pouted when mommy said not to.
Audrey was an all around little miss helper and cleaner upper of candy crumbs.
But Jackson's job was to pound away at the candy to make it crumble.  I figured it was a perfect assignment for that boy energy that always needs a way out.  And it was.. he did a great job.

Joy #49
The party was a blast and everything was so adorable.  
Samples of each person's cookies were put out as we each arrived.  Pre-made labels told you what they were and who made them.  
And upon leaving we each were given two to go boxes filled with sugary sweets.  My husband liked that. :)

My thanks goes out to the hostesses.  The details were so sweet, including these special bird ornaments that each of us were given at the end of the night.
But more than anything, friendship with like-minded women, that's my Joy #50!  

Wow.. what a great place to end, half way marker in the 100 Reasons for Joy Challenge.

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