Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fresh Squeezed Joy

Was that a cheesy title??? Ok maybe it was.  I'm again trying to bust this out quickly. Because piles of wrapping await me and I don't want to have another late night.

And fresh squeezed just seemed fitting for this luscious box filled with fresh lemons delivered this morning from a sweet friend and her daughter.  It was a bright way to start the day.  The gift is complete with a recipe for lemonade written by her little girl.  So thoughtful.. and this is my Joy #99 in the 100 Reasons For Joy project.  I love lemons and we can't wait to make the lemonade.

Another surprising joy today was driving up to the post office prepared for a very long line and long wait.  I was even mentally talking to myself saying well even if it is long, I'm alone and it's quiet.

You see the noise level in our home has grown exponentially with the excitement.  They've been fluctuating between playing really well and fighting with owies and crying in between.

So the wait at the post office seemed sort of like a treat by mid afternoon.

But there was no wait at all.

Seriously pulled into a spot that opened up right in front of the door and walked straight up to the counter.
 AMAZING.  Because I tell you the last couple of weeks have been nothing of the sort at the post office.
I even commented to the lady as we were finishing up saying, "I expected it to be bad today, I guess everyone is already finished with shipments."

She said,  "Turn around."

In that short amount of time a dozen people were behind me.  Whoa... thank you Lord for that little gift.  And this brings me to Joy #100!!!

So the final prints before the holidays are off and so are our last Christmas cards.

Now to wrap so tomorrow can be about Jesus and nothing else....Amen!

Technically I guess I should stop the joys, but Sarah Markley did challenge us to join in for the full month of December, so stay tuned.. the Joys will continue. :)

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