Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning Joy

Oh really, seriously run out and get this coffee from Trader Joe's.  You know how they have that little sample area and they usually have different coffee each week to taste.

I took a little sample and continued on my way.  But as I shopped a couple of days ago I was thinking, that was really, really good.  I thought it was cinnamon.  But then when I went back I discovered it's Peppermint.  But it's not that kind of candy cane peppermint taste.  It's more like the soothing, spa tea tasting peppermint mixed with a dark, rich coffee.  The ingredient list also includes vanilla and red peppercorns.  I think that's what adds to the deep flavor.

I literally am excited to wake up and make it.  I'm not sure if it's a seasonal item.  I'm hoping not, but if it is I might have to stock up now.

Joy #39
And here I am with my haircut (at a stoplight of course).  I actually blow-dried it yesterday.  This also hasn't happened since June of 2009.  Nothing bad happened... another praise, another joy!

I'm also realizing we're definitely in a groove with our morning routine and drive.  Earlier in the school year I mentioned how it was overwhelming me and I wasn't handling it well.  I don't feel stressed anymore.  I'm listening to my favorite Christian radio shows or Christmas music.  The kids and I are talking about Christmas plans and how each one wants special time to shop for each other.  I love that.

That's all for now, but I'm hoping to post more tonight... provided we're able to go get our tree!!!

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hill said...

LOVE the hair and no - i don't even have my ingredients for saturday yet. that is what i hope to do tomorrow!

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